iED Europe Summit 2013 KEYNOTE: Mr. Brian David Johnson, Intel Corporation

29 Apr

Brian_David_JohnsonImmersive Education Europe announced that Brian David Johnson, Futurist & Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation, will be keynote at the 3rd European Immersive Education (EiED'13) Summit on November this year.


The future is Brian David Johnson's business. As a futurist at Intel Corporation, his charter is to develop an actionable 10 -15 year vision for the future of technology. His work is called "futurecasting"-using ethnographic field studies, technology research, trend data, and even science fiction to provide Intel with a pragmatic vision of consumers and computing. Along with reinventing TV, Johnson has been pioneering development in artificial intelligence, robotics, and using science fiction as a design tool. He speaks and writes extensively about future technologies in articles (The Wall Street Journal, Slate, IEEE Computer) and both science fiction and fact books (Vintage Tomorrows, Science Fiction Prototyping: Designing the Future with Science Fiction, Screen Future: The Future of Entertainment Computing and the Devices we Love, and Fake Plastic Love). Johnson lectures around the world and teaches as a professor at The University of Washington and The California College of the Arts MBA program. He appears regularly on Bloomberg TV, PBS, FOX News, and the Discovery Channel and has been featured in Scientific American, The Technology Review, Forbes, INC, and Popular Science.  He has directed two feature films and is an illustrator and commissioned painter.


"How to build the future?"

What kind of future do you want to live in?  What futures should we avoid?  What will it feel like to be a human in the year 2020 and beyond?  Intel's Futurist Brian David Johnson explores his futurecasting work; using social science, technical research, statistical data and even science fiction to create pragmatic models for a future that we can start building today. In the next decade it will be possible to turn anything into a computer and participate in truly immersive education experiences. We will be living in a world where we are surrounded by computational intelligence. Join Johnson as he explores what that means for the future and how can we envision our tomorrows so that we can start building them today. It is possible to change the future and it's simpler than you might think.

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3er European Immersive Education (EiED'13) Summit - London 2013 Overview

iED Summits are official Immersive Education Initiative conferences organized specifically for educators, researchers, and administrators. The two-day event is open to the global academic community and experts in immersion, simulation, learning games, virtual reality and full, augmented and mixed reality. 

The 3rd European iED summit will build on the theme Immersive Education: What does the future hold?, exploring the future as we move into a phase of more widespread adoption for immersive education and start to see exciting new possibilities. The early euphoria over virtual worlds has since become more realistic as the community starts to explore the opportunities afforded by this technology. This summit will reflect on some of the recent changes in the technology and examples of research and best practice from the wider community. It will explore what is actually meant by Immersive Education, and the opportunities and realities afforded by this exciting new technology.

At the 2013 summit, we will be hosting a workshop in cooperation with the Creative Science Foundation entitled Creative Science: Predicting the future of Education (with a special emphasis in immersive education). This will be based around the use of science fiction as a means to explore, inform, and influence future scientific research and development in education with a special emphasis on immersive education (see

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